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Painting and sandblasting

We offer services for pre-treatment and quality painting of metal surfaces

Powder paint painting

We offer powder painting of metal structures according to the RAL table

Powder paints are increasingly replacing liquid paints due to their technological, economical and aesthetic properties. Positive properties of powder paints: resistance to chemical attack, corrosion, temperature fluctuations, mechanical impacts and durability of the painted surfaces. We guarantee high quality control throughout the entire processing from preparing products for painting to the finished surface. Maximum size of painted products: 1x2x4 m.

Powder paint painting


Painting and polymerisation of long-size products

Our company has all the necessary equipment for painting and polymerisation of long-size products. We can paint both profiles and metal pipes regardless of the size of the painted product.



Ensures cleaning of metal surfaces from paint, corrosion and traces of old welds

Ideal for cleaning paints, corrosion and old weld traces from metal surfaces. The process has its name from the basic material used for cleaning—sand.

Sandblasting is the main stage of preparation of metal surfaces for painting. High quality painting and longer service life of products depends on the success of sandblasting.


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