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Underfloor heating pipe

High temperature resistant polyethylene

Underfloor heating pipe / Type II 16x2 (200m)

Underfloor heating pipe / Type II 16x2 (200m)

Underfloor heating pipes are widely used in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, sports halls, cinemas, airports and residential buildings.


- Underfloor heating pipes are made of Type II raw material resistant to pressure differentials and thermal expansion

- Conform to standard GOST 32415-2013

- Sold in rolls. Length of a single roll - 200 m

Parameters Unit of measurement Ø 16x2 mm
Outer diameter mm 16
Inner diameter mm 12
Thermal expansion mm/mK 0,15
Thermal conductivity W/mK 0,4
Linear expansion mm/m*K 0,2
Usage class 4/10 bar
Inner surface roughness mm 0,007
Minimum bending radius mm 80
Water consumption L/m 0,113
Weight of 1 m Kg/m 0,09
Color red

Original Azerbaijani brand since 1997


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